Corporate Events & Meetings

Bring a Live Event Experience to Your Meetings & Events
No matter if you have an audience of 50 or 5,000, the PLATOON Corporate & Trade Show team can work with you and your team to bring a live event experience into your corporate meetings, product introductions or special events. Let PLATOON be the invisible glue that holds your shared entertainment experience together. Before the magic can happen, there has to be a stage, scenery, lighting, audio, and video, and it all has to work just right.

PLATOON Delivers Solutions to Enhance Your Live Event
The PLATOON team can work with your team from the ground up to make your event an experience to remember. We are committed to bring the resources that no other audiovisual company can bring to the table. With our focus on live theatre, meetings, concerts, special events and broadcast, PLATOON can deliver many products and solutions to enhance your live event or meeting in one integrated package. PLATOON takes our role with live experiences seriously. From our knowledgeable staff and worldwide reach, to our commitment to research and development of custom products to address the needs of any client, our mission is to provide a highly creative, exciting, and technically flawless events.


Perfectly in Tune with Your Venue and Your Audience

Whatever the venue or production, PLATOON’s audio systems set the standard for the industry. Our staff draws on years of technical experience to get the details right and achieve a perfectly balanced and tuned system to fit every audio need. We supply equipment for a wide range of markets, including theatre, live music, television, and corporate events.

The Industries’ Best Audio Gear & Technicians
PLATOON’s inventory of audio gear is well suited for any size production, including consoles, wireless equipment, speaker systems, and signal processing. PLATOON will staff your productions and events with the industry’s best audio designers, engineers, mixers, and technicians.

Let PLATOON work with your team to design, coordinate, and build a sound system that meets your audio requirements for your production.

Digital Display & Signage

Connect with Your Attendees Throughout Your Venue 

PLATOON Digital Signage lets you quickly connect with your attendees and communicate new content and information with branded, customized electronic displays. You’ll have the flexibility to broadcast the same message to all digital signage throughout your venue, or to a single location—even display different messages on different digital signs. Whatever your needs, PLATOON will customize a digital signage solution for you.

Communicate Changes Quickly and Efficiently
Give attendees news they can use and deliver valuable meeting-related content on digital signage, such as agendas, schedules and important announcements as well as news feeds, weather, airline flight updates, polls and social media streams. PLATOON Digital Signage eliminates the hassle of reprinting and replacing traditional signage when you need to convey meeting updates.

Help Attendees Find Their Way
Create interactive touchscreens that give participants an up-to-date map of your venue.

Reinforce Your Branding – Bring Your Content to Life
Working with your PLATOON team, choose from pre-designed templates or customize the look and feel of your digital signage to reflect your event branding and consistently convey your marketing messages. Increase the impact of your messages and content with full-motion video and audio. PLATOON Digital Signage supports a wide variety of formats, including text, graphics, animation, live feeds, audio, and video.

Increase the Effectiveness of Poster Sessions
PLATOON E-Posters help scientific presenters turn their poster sessions into dynamic multimedia presentations that can convey information much more effectively than a traditional printed poster.

Content Capture & Streaming

Extend your community with your event’s valuable content.
Expand your event’s reach by sharing your content with a broad global audience. PLATOON Webcasting lets you stream, capture, upload and manage your valuable meeting content. Webcast your content live over the Internet, or deliver it on-demand to any platform or device.

PLATOON Webcasting is available for conferences, meetings, and gatherings of all sizes. You simply schedule your presentations and our crew takes care of the rest. Create video anywhere: training rooms, classrooms, live events and more.

Stream your presentations in real time.
Take your meeting to those who can’t attend in person while generating valuable video libraries. PLATOON Webcasting synchronizes your speakers’ audio and video with their visual aids, and instantly streams their presentations over the Internet.

Capture your meeting content and offer it on demand.
Capture, upload and preserve your content so that users can review it at their convenience on any web browser or mobile device—and in multiple formats, including CD/DVD, MP3, and MP4. Monetize your content to create another revenue stream and new virtual audiences.

We also have the ability to capture not only the program feed, but also each iso feed up to 10 cameras.

Bring presentations alive.
Display any high-resolution content from laptops, whiteboards, cameras or tablets to bring your presentations alive. Enable audience interaction. Embed content in any website or web app.

Manage your video assets.
Manage all of your video assets with a powerful suite of tools that lets you archive, index, customize, secure, search and analyze your content. PLATOON webcasting lets you manage huge libraries of video-based instruction.

Live Streaming
Stream your event live through popular streaming networks such as Ustream, Facebook, Youtube, and more or through dedicated CDN’s to ensure a highly reliable and quality end product for your viewers no matter of their location. In addition, we have the capability to measure analytics such as number of viewers, location, and more.

LED Solutions

Create Video Displays in Any Configuration

PLATOON provides cutting-edge LED technology, installed and operated by expert technicians. The versatility of LED technology, along with our wide range of multimedia product choices, gives our clients unlimited creative video playback opportunities.

We can create video displays of unlimited proportions to fit any client meeting, event, exhibit, or other application. The PLATOON team will work with you to determine and design a video LED solution that best fits your event or production.


Lighting Equipment to Fit Every Lighting Design Requirement

PLATOON lighting solutions offer unequaled feature sets with no compromises in performance. All of our lighting solutions were developed for superior energy efficiency, maximized output, and with a keen understanding of individual user’s needs. PLATOON builds products that you cannot find elsewhere to solve a wide-range of lighting challenges.

PLATOON also offers the industry’s best-known brands in lighting solutions from conventional lights to automated luminaires.


PLATOON offers a range of meeting & event video systems including image magnification, video image blending, and high-quality video production and editing. From educational session projectors, confidence monitors, digital signage and exhibit monitors to playback systems in general sessions, high-end large format video projection. PLATOON will work with your team to design the best possible video solution to fit your venue and presentation requirements.


  • Widescreen video
  • Ultra wide screen 50‘ to 500’
  • Video mapping
  • LED screens
  • High Definition playback and recording abilities
  • Video projectors for breakout rooms to large event 40kHD projectors
  • Seamless bezel video tiles and monitors
  • Standard definition and high definition camera packages
  • Multiple screen switching systems