Created For The Dance World

PLATOON was created for the dance world, for those who see the limits of possibility as just another challenge. Their dedication drives us to look beyond the conventional ideas of industry standards.  Our element is within a dance competition, developing ideas for the dance studio, or handling one or more aspects of the dance recital season.

It’s in our DNA to identify problems, create inventions and wrap those inventions in art.  Some call it a relentless drive to make things better.  We call it Mad Science, and it lives in everything that fuels our passion.

What services does PLATOON offer for Dance Competitions?

Dance Competition Photography

Photography of all dance routines performed through the event – CAPTURED BY EXPERIENCED DANCE PHOTOGRAPHERS

Each performance will be photographed and categorized into appropriate folders and available immediately for viewing and purchase on our easy to use iPad system.

Dance Competition Videography

Filming of all acts throughout the event using our usual HD video/audio recording format.

Each act will be captured as an individual video clip and available immediately for purchase.

Customer Service

PLATOON’s customer service is second to none in the industry. We provide a personalized experience and get to know our customers. Many of our customers come to us for repeat business and on many occasions a customer will not purchase from other service providers, rather choosing to wait until they see us at a dance competition to purchase.  Add in the option to receive the product onsite through our branded flash drives, and it is an awesome experience for everyone!


A PLATOON customer service representative will be available at all events to greet and assist customers to place orders for the dance competition photography & video product. Photos and 30 second video previews of performances are instantly available on multiple iPads for viewing.

All products are available for the customer to take home on the day on PLATOON branded USB Flash Drive, or available digital download.

Not able to pick up your product onsite?  No worries!  We have your covered through our industry first online system.  Once you have received text and email confirmation the order is ready for download, or has shipped, the customer can instantly check the status of their order that holds either the download link or tracking number.


We have an edge over our competitors for many reasons. Our crews are highly trained, we have high expectations of our crew and ensure they deliver the product and service that our customers expect from the United State’s leading Dance Media provider.

Our Photographers all have vast experience working in the dance industry and have technical training in dance technique, body lines, timing and movement; complimented by the ability to operate professional camera equipment as required to capture the performances clearly and accurately.

Our video crews undergo extensive training in recording of both Audio & Visual elements. Our camera work is smooth, sharp and professional. High quality Audio is captured in sync with the vision and we offer a guarantee on its accuracy.