We designed this system to take one more thing off your mind, and to help create a higher conversion rates for Group Dance Studio Packages.  No longer does everyone need to come to the booth, or give anyone a call with their payment information.  Simply choose your studio, fill out your information, and you are done!

It cannot get any simpler that that!

We developed our pricing structure to be simple, easy to understand, and with zero hidden fees.  The basis is this, get the same number of paying people vs. routines, and you get all your photos and videos, with each person getting their own PLATOON branded thumb drive.

So for example, you have 10 people interested, and 10 routines, it would be $63.60 after tax per person.  Say you have 10 people interested, and 20 routines, it would be $127.20 per person.  Of course we can calculate the difference if you have somewhere in the middle based on those same calculations.

Our goal is to make this a seamless process so dance studios will want to do a Group Studio deal year after year.

That way, unless you specifically request a digital download, every individual who pays for the Group Studio deal will get their own thumb drive.

With that said, we do typically mail everything to one address, and within the box you will notice everything will be labeled with a master list of everyone who paid.

Simple and Stress-Free