PLATOON’s mission is to provide creative tools that power the future of the dance industry.  By focusing our efforts on the fusion of design, engineering, and live event production, we strive to create long-lasting products that delight and surprise our customers.  We are always seeking world-class talent to join our team.

PLATOON is hiring!


  1. People with Passion.  If you don’t dig what we do as much as we do, this company is just not for you.
  2. You’ve got to be a good, hard-working, well-intended individual, who respects yourself and others.
  3. You’ve got to take specific, detailed, & disciplined direction extremely well.
  4. You’ve got to love life, kids, dancing, your grandparents, & sandwiches.
  5. Last, be excited to work harder than you ever have in your life.


Yes, we do expect our teamPLATOON members to work hard, that is why we go after individuals that have a deep PASSION for their quality of work, and the type of work they are doing.  Like mentioned above, we only hire people that love to do what we do, and we feel this not only shows in their quality of work but also the level of happiness within the office.

Company CULTURE is very important here at PLATOON, and with that you will notice we are different than most.  We love spending time together out of the office, we treat our employees like they’re the livelyhood of our business…because they are, and we go on a COMPANY TRIP every year.  We are a family, and that is what makes us stick out in this interesting world.

Current Job Openings

If after reading the above you think you have what it takes, congrats! You have passed the first step.  Being one of the few companies out there actually growing at an extreme rate and hiring, we are still looking for determined individuals who are looking for a company where you can make an impact.  It no doubt will offer an opportunity like no other and an experience of a lifetime.  Please browse the positions below, and submit your resume to [email protected] with the position title in the subject line.

Graphic Designer

Information coming soon

Web Designer

Information coming soon